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About NiceDice

About NiceDice: Just take your flashlights, microphone, recording tools or whatever you need and connect them – without using tools – to the NiceDice and your camera. The only thing you still need to do is: Shoot the pictures!


NiceDice Video

The NiceDice video quickly explains what the NiceDice is about and how it works. Make your current camera system more dynamic or create your very own system based on the NiceDice.


Nobody likes to carry around a truckload of equipment. We've all done that for years, but that era is over now!

  • Multifunctional

    The system will fit everybody’s needs. The adapters are easy to change, so that the NiceDice connects most pieces of equipment. More to come!


    The NiceDice is a real lightweight – only 22 grams per piece. You will not even notice them in your pocket!

  • Fresh Design

    Everybody likes good looks! Thats why we care a lot about our design. Combined with his inner values, the NiceDice is a welcome companion on set


    The innovative geometry generates clamping forces, but also spreading forces. You’ll have double the safety without using any additional tools!


    No need to freak out when a new standard hits the market. We’ll simply design an adapter and include it in our system in no-time!


    Forget about your suitcase with tools and connectors. The NiceDice-system connects everything with everything and fits in your backpack or handbag.

Already known from:

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Sometimes, the seemingly simple things offer a terrific diversity of possibilities.

– Stefan Tiemann (RFT-Kabel GmbH) laudation at the 12th Innovationspreis Brandenburg



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Where to buy?

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Menzelstraße 9, 12157 Berlin


+49 (0) 30 – 43 02 56 07




The NiceDice is a project by the Berlin-based Startup Studio AFS. Meet the founders - Nils, Andreas and Ken!

  • Nils Fischer, Portrait

    Nils Fischer

    Founder & Product Designer

    Dipl. Des. Nils Fischer worked as a freelance designer for different companies and design agencies before he became Art-Director in the 25p *Media Group. 2012/ 13 he initiated the New York-based Pop-up Studio SAIA together with Sandra Lange. His award-winning works were shown, amongst others, at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich and while the Artweek in Hamburg.

  • Andreas Albrecht, portrait

    Andreas Albrecht

    Founder & Public Relations

    Dipl. Cultural Science Andreas realized a variety of formats for film and corporate communication. His documentary Limited Home was shown in 2009 at the International Film Festivals and on TV. He won two EVA Awards in 2010 in gold and silver in the area of ​​corporate and exhibition events. His clients include Sony, Deutsche Telekom AG, BASF and Siemens.

  • Ken Schröder, portrait

    Ken Schröder

    Founder & Business Administration (Finance)

    During his studies at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL), he prepared and taught exam-preparation courses in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. He also studied at the Koç Üniversitesi in Istanbul for one semester. Ken is a passionate basketball player and  has been selected for the Dutch national youth team multiple times.